Cobra Recessed Well Matting

Cobra Recessed Well Matting provides a virtually-indestructible matting solution designed to keep dirt at your door and not on your floor, especially in areas of extreme pedestrian traffic. Cobra’s open Z-web construction and raised scraping ridges sweep dirt off incoming foot traffic and allows it to fall into the well beneath the mat, concealing dirt, debris, and water until it is cleaned up later.

  • Recessed Well

    Cobra Recessed Well Entrance Matting is a durable, all-vinyl floor mat…

  • Surface Mount

    Cobra is an excellent surface-mounted matting solution too!

Cobra Scraper Matting resists heavy rolling wheel loads and can stand up to the heaviest of commercial foot traffic, and is perfect for recessed well applications.

Cobra can also be used as a loose-laid surface-mounted mat when equipped with our black extruded vinyl Heavy Duty Edging.

Quick Overview:

Premium quality entrance matting

Custom matting solutions for commercial buildings and shopping centres.

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