Grizzly FX

Grizzly FX – our flagship matting product

Step up to quality with Grizzly FX premium matting and see how much better your facility can look. Keep dirt and water where it belongs – and discover the related cost savings! Premium nylon face fibres give Grizzly FX outstanding performance and long service life. Grizzly FX uses a random pattern design to help hide collected dirt, while its looped-pile, tufted construction utilizes both nylon (to dry) and polypropylene fibres (to scrape) to provide the ultimate performance in collecting, holding, and hiding dirt and moisture until they can be extracted from the mat.

Grizzly FX provides the industry’s best choice for performance and value during the useful life of the mat. Henderson Mat’s entrance matting systems trap, hold, and hide dirt better than any other matting products. When you factor in the money saved in carpet replacement and floor refinishing, a complete entrance matting system from Henderson Mat makes the best long term sense.

If you prefer to expense your matting rather than capitalize, our dealers offer leasing on complete entrance matting systems. Contact us today for details!


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  • Grizzly FX

    Grizzly FX Step up to quality with Grizzly FX premium dryer/scraper matting and see how...

Grizzly FX – our flagship matting product

Not every entrance mat will keep your floors clean. Although they may remove some dirt and sand from shoes, most rental mats leave that debris on the mat’s surface – where it can be easily tracked into your building.


The specialized construction of Henderson Mat complete entrance matting systems traps, holds, and hides dirt below the matting surface until the mat is cleaned. It also allows water to disperse until it evaporates or is extracted, helping the mat stay cleaner and drier.

Remember, using the right type of matting at the right area in your facility is important!

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