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Check Dirt at the Door

A complete entrance matting system from Henderson Mat is designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door. It’s called a system because it’s more than just a single mat: a complete entrance matting system consists of different types of mats, each doing its specific job to help keep your building clean. Entrance matting from Henderson Mat is available in many sizes, colours, and constructions to fit any decor and withstand even extra-heavy-duty traffic levels.

There are two basic types of matting within a complete Henderson Mat entrance matting system:

Scraper matting

This outdoor and foyer matting is your first line of defense, scraping bulky dirt and excess moisture from shoes.

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A complete entrance matting system from Henderson Mat provides:

  • Better looking floors: Continually provides a cleaner floor at the entrance and throughout your building.
  • Protects floors: Helps protect floors from damage due to tracked-in soil and other debris.
  • Easier-to-maintain floors: Reduces the time and effort needed to clean and maintain floors.
  • Safer floors: Reduces dirt and water on hard floors, which will reduce slips and falls.

Textile matting

Fabric based matting is the last line of defense in a complete Henderson Mat entrance matting system. Designed for indoor use, textile matting removes moisture as well as small dirt particles not removed by the outdoor scraper matting.

  • Grizzly FX

    Outstanding performance and long service life

  • Cobra

    Designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door

  • Duromat

    Premium indoor/outdoor scraper mat that stands up to heavy traffic

  • Custom Rugs

    Our computerized cutting table utilizes precision ultrasonic blade

Did you know?

  • It can cost more than $500 to remove one pound of dirt after it has been tracked into a building.
  • Up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by just 1,000 people over a 20-day work period.
  • Without adequate matting, 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first six feet of an entrance after only 1,500 people have walked in.
  • A complete Henderson Mat entrance matting system removes up to 72% more dirt than throw-down or rental matting.
  • Grizzly FX hybrid dryer/scraper carpet matting removes more combined dirt and water than conventional carpet matting.
  • A 30-foot matting system is recommended to remove 100% of dirt from shoes.

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