Directional Mat

Grizzly FX: Directional Matting

Replace awkward stanchions and ropes with Grizzly FX matting configured to fit your location. We can work with your interior design team for a perfectly-tailored fit for each location, or provide a list of standard sizes from which to choose on a branch level.

There are no restrictions on custom size or shape! And all Grizzly FX mats are supplied with heavy duty vinyl ramped edging that resists flipping and curling and helps prolong the life of the mat.

Arrows & Messaging

Directional matting can include stylized arrows, chevrons, and other design elements – even messages, like “Enter here”! All directional elements are inlaid, not printed, for outstanding appearance and durability.

Functional Beauty

Directional matting uses Grizzly FX – an outstanding dryer mat. Your directional mat also works as secondary entrance matting, helping to keep your floors drier and cleaner where your customer traffic is concentrated the most.

Replaces Stanchions

Directional matting elegantly replaces obtrusive stanchions that mar open-concept sightlines, and give a more personal touch to queue directing.

Long Lasting and Easy to Clean

Our Grizzly FX is built for the long haul – rated for extra heavy duty commercial use. Care for your directional matting like the rest of your carpets. Vacuum, periodically hot water extract, and spot clean as necessary.

Premium quality entrance matting

Custom matting solutions for commercial buildings and shopping centres.

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