Duromat: With or Without Edge

Duromat is available with and without applied vinyl edging. The choice is yours! For uncovered exterior entrances or entrances exposed to extreme wet traffic, deploying Duromat unedged gives the mat infinite water scraping capacity as water simply flows out the sides of the mat after being scraped off foot traffic. For covered entrances or where water containment is desired, order your Duromat with Heavy Edge or Cart Edge (best for wheeled traffic).

Quick Overview

  • Fully customizable sizes and shapes, great for entrance vestibules
  • Heavy or Cart ramp edging compatible
  • Durable 100% PVC vinyl loop construction
  • Chemwelded heavy duty textured backing keeps the mat in place
  • Noodle construction allows water to flow out the sides of the mat when used without edging for infinite water scraping capacity, or as a water trapping tray when used with edging
  • Overall thickness: 10 – 11 mm
  • Backing thickness: 1.0 – 1.5 mm
  • Standard widths of 3ft and 4ft; eligible for our custom-sizing program!

Premium quality entrance matting

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