Recessed Well

Cobra: Recessed Well

Cobra Recessed Well Entrance Matting is a durable, all-vinyl floor mat constructed with an open continuously-patterned scraping surface using nonwoven continuous filaments bonded together. This open construction scrapes dirt and debris from incoming foot traffic and allows it to fall through the mat for easy cleaning. Cobra is intended for use as an entrance mat in recessed wells or surface-mounted (with optional extra-heavy vinyl ramp edging).

Pressure Fitting into Recessed Wells

For best results, follow these guidelines:

  1. Unroll all Cobra matting in the same area in which it is to be installed. Allow the mat to relax and acclimate to ambient room temperature (21°C, 70°F) for at least two hours (overnight is preferred).
  2. Do not stretch the mat when moving/unrolling it.
  3. Recessed-well installations require that the well be clean, flat, and smooth with no build-up of dirt or other material on the edges, bottom, or corners before installation. A scraper may be necessary to sufficiently clean the well. The mat well should have an even, flat surface free of bumps or ridges. Measure each side of the well to ensure that the sides are straight and square.
  4. A maximum well depth of 13mm (0.5”) is recommended. If the existing well is too deep, various waterproof materials (e.g. rubber roll matting) can be used to adjust the depth.
  5. Cobra should be installed to run parallel to foot traffic direction. Carefully measure the recessed well to determine how to place the matting to minimize cutting and avoid small segments (if layout has not already been predetermined).
  6. Install Cobra with the flat/smooth side down. The raised edge on the Z-web extends above the straight rib on the top side of the mat – this raised edge is what gives Cobra its scraping properties.
  7. After the mat has acclimated to room temperature, use a sharp utility knife (for best results, change your blade frequently) and a straight edge for cutting. Do not use scissors/shears/etc.
  8. Place the relaxed mat flat-side down against one edge of the well without stretching it. Unroll the mat and force as much matting as possible into the well (using your foot, etc.) – Cobra will compress to fit. This compression allows for expansion/contraction with temperature changes and keeps the mat from lifting out of the well during normal use.
  9. Place sections of matting into the well until the well is filled.
  10. Allow at least 1” of extra matting material per 6’ of mat length (we recommend 3” per 10’ of mat length). Cut the last edge using a sharp utility knife and straight edge. Cut the mat while placed in the well to minimize movement and pressure-fit the extra material into the well. If the mat buckles, trim as little matting material as necessary to make it lay flat and tight against the walls of the well.
  11. It may be necessary to cut the last section of matting to the exact width required. To do this, measure the width required and mark the matting (using a chalk line, etc.). Add an additional full “row” of Z-web matting elements to this measurements and cut at this point. Pressure-fit the last piece of matting into the well.


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